The Top 6 Ways To Care For Your Vacuum Cleaner

The Top 6 Ways To Care For Your Vacuum Cleaner

April 25, 2018 0 By admin

Your vacuum cleaner is an essential tool when it comes to keeping your home clean. However, this is also a tool that a lot of people neglect. If you want to ensure that you get the most from your vacuum cleaner, there are ways that you can care for it that you need to know about.

Clean All Of The Attachments

The first way to care for your vacuum cleaner is to clean all of the attachments. Cleaning the attachments will ensure that there are no blockages and that they are not spreading dust around your home. It is recommended that you clean the attachments once a month with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The attachments will include all of the hoses and the additional heads for the cleaner.

Regularly Empty The Container

A lot of people wait until the collection container is full before they empty it. This is actually a mistake and you should be emptying the container after each use. Leaving the dirt and debris in the vacuum cleaner allows it to settle and it could infiltrate other parts of the machine. When you empty the container, you should also clean the attached filter by gently knocking it. This will loosen and remove any debris which is clinging to the filter.

Clean The Brush Roll

You should also take the time to clean the brush roll as items can wrap themselves around the roll over time. This will prevent the roll from turning correctly and the vacuum cleaner will not work correctly. The most common culprits of this will be string and hair. When cleaning the brush roll, you should look at removing it from the vacuum because you can perform a deeper clean this way.

Clean The Bin

While it is important to empty the bin of your vacuum, you should also look at cleaning it. Once a month, you should empty the bin and rinse it with water. You should not use any detergent in the bin and dry it thoroughly. The inner workings of your vacuum should never get wet or damp and to lean the inner cyclone or cone, you should dust it with a dry cloth.

Check The Belt

When you are cleaning the brush roll, you will want to look at the belt which holds it in place. If the belt is not tight against the roll, you will have to consider replacing it. When the belt is frayed or stretched out, your roll will not work correctly and this will decrease the efficiency of the cleaner. As a general rule, you should also replace the belt every 6 to 12 months depending on the frequency of use. If you use your vacuum cleaner almost every day, you will need to replace it more regularly than someone who uses theirs every 2 weeks.

Check The Hose And Filter

Maintaining the hose on your vacuum is also very important. The hose can be clogged with large items and this will cause issues with the suction and efficiency of the machine. It is also important to note that the hose can be damaged and this will allow air to escape from the cleaner making it ineffective. This is why you should regularly check the hose to ensure that it is still in good condition and that there are no blockages.

Most modern vacuum cleaners will have filters which make the air quality in your home better. If your vacuum cleaner has a filter, you need to clean and replace it periodically. Plastic filters can be rinsed with plain water while fabric and paper ones can be cleaned with a shake. You will need to replace the filter at set intervals as stated in the vacuum cleaners manual.