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8 Advantages Of Canister Vacuums Over Upright Models

8 Advantages Of Canister Vacuums Over Upright Models

There are upright vacuums, and then there are canister vacuums. There corded vacuums and cordless vacuums. There are commercial vacuums and residential vacuums. And finally, there are vacuums that use bags, and there are bagless vacuums. In this article, we’re going to look at why you are going to want to buy a canister vacuum instead of an upright vacuum. There is nothing wrong with an upright vacuum, but a canister vacuum comes with these 8 advantages.

One of the 8 advantages of canister vacuums is that they are quite simply more powerful. It really is as simple as that. You see, the default design allows their engine to be much larger, so therefore, they have quite a lot of power. If you think about it, that leads to the next advantage, the fact that cleaning is much faster. Plus, you can count on being able to clean spaces much better, too. Have you ever tried to use a vacuum that just didn’t quite have the powerful suction you needed to get the job done?

You might be thinking that canister vacuums are actually noisier than upright vacuums, seeing as how they are more powerful. Yet the canister vacuums are actually more silent, and that’s quite the opposite. How is that possible? The canister is well insulated, and that is what does the trick. There is just simply more room for this to be one of the features and expected advantages.

Think about all of those tools, too. Some of the canister vacuums come with more tools than others. Yes, uprgiht vacuums have their tools and extras, too, but you’re going to get more when you get a canister vacuum. Now, you might be thinking a canister vacuum is bulky and is going to be more difficult to use, but get a load of these next two top benefits or advantages for owning one of these vacuums.

Canister vacuums have a wand that is separate from the cannister. So you just move the wand around to vacuum. Naturally, you’re going to have to move the canister from time to time, but of course it’s on wheels. So that actually makes using one of these types of vacuums easier than using an upright model. How cool is that?

You can certainly count on their maneuverability for sure. Have you ever tried to vacuum stairs with an upright model? Yes, there are attachments for that, but you just need the wand with a canister vacuum. That is very cool indeed. But wait, what about when you’re in those areas of your home where you have to carry the canister vacuum?

Canister vacuums are actually lighter than upright models. I bet you didn’t expect to hear that. So why in the world would people buy an upright vacuum? Well, you’ve read about the 8 advantags of canister vacuums, but there are two sides to the coin. You will certainly want to face the facts and look at the cons, too. Then you can make a decision about what type of vacuum you want to buy.

Some people prefer canister vacuums, and some people prefer upright vacuums. It can be a matter of preference with benefits for each. Yet it’s hard to argue that there aren’t some impressive advantages to choosing a canister vacuum. You’re going to really enjoy getting to the bottom of this and finding the best vacuum cleaner for your household. It’s time to make sure that everything stays clean, immaculately clean, and you need the best vacuum for the job. Is that a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum?

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