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Useful Techniques to Determine Your Own Cleaning Times

Useful Techniques to Determine Your Own Cleaning Times

We all have hard times tidying up our homes, especially when you are employed, and you only rest during the weekend. If you have an untidy place, you will feel embarrassed whenever you think of bringing company over. This does not have to be the case. Below are amazing techniques that will help you clean your house more efficiently. These cleaning techniques will help you determine your own cleaning time instead of being forced to clean every weekend.

Bedroom Tips

Make your bed immediately after getting up. The first thing you need to do when you wake up is to make your bed. This will help you begin your day in a good mood and avoid the temptation of going back to bed. Next, clean the bedside table. Remove any items that are lying around the table and put them in the appropriate places. When you leave work in the evening, do your laundry. Doing small piles of laundry daily is better than doing a huge pile all at once. It would also be best if you did your ironing immediately after the laundry dries.

Laundry Baskets In Every Room

Baskets should be placed in every room since every room will most likely have dirty items. Empty these baskets on schedule. After tidying up, return each basket in its place for the next use.

Bathroom Tips

Clean Your Shower Frequently

Scrub the floor of your shower with a proper brush to remove the accumulated dirt. Do not let your toilet get any stains. Use toilet cleaner to get rid of bacteria and fragrance to keep it fresh. You can also use detergent to disinfect the bacteria around the drain. Leaving the bathroom uncleaned for long periods is never advisable because that means that the cleaning will take longer when you do eventually decide to clean it.

Hang Up Bathrobes And Towels

Towels need fresh air so that they can dry up properly. Leaving the bathrobes and towels damp will cause them to develop an odor. Bathrobes should be hanged on a hook decently. Hanging bathrobes also helps in making your bathroom more spacious. Put a basket for piling dirty towels after every few days.

Kitchen Tips

Clean Dishes Every Now And Then

Don’t wait until all the dishes are dirty so that you can clean them. If you have a little time, for instance, when making coffee, use that time to wash the utensils in the sink. It is also advisable to clear any spillage right away to prevent the floor from staining. Empty all the drawers and clean them too. Arrange the utensils in such a way that it is easy to find items you are looking for. Arranging this way saves time.

Change Your Dish Drying Towels

Dish towel should change frequently. Try to change the dish towel that you have been using every few days. Throw away any old ones and replace them immediately.

Livingroom Tips

Clean Your Coffee Table While Taking TV Breaks

While watching Tv shows, it is likely that you will get up during commercials to snack up or go to the toilet. You can do these things and also wipe any dirt off your coffee table. This will leave a clean space instead of old sticky stains.

Following these cleaning methods gives you a clean home and you will not have forced cleaning schedules. Avoid piling up clothes or dishes. Always use the slightest time you have to do something. Your kitchen is the most visited room. Take plenty of time to clean and arrange utensils. Arranging will help you reach things you need quickly. It also prevents disorganized kitchen drawers and dish racks.

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